Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Bonnie finished!

Well, subject to a last few tweaks, here it is. I am open to reasonable offers for this (I need the cash to go for my bike test!), if you'd like to buy it please email your offer to me at steve@classicbikeart.co.uk.

Click to enlarge


  1. What a wonderful painting of a wonderfull old classic you should be very proud

  2. Great job Steve....What's next?


  3. Don't know yet Jim! One problem is I'm out of canvases, need a few print sales to pay for some more.... I'm also looking at vintage tractor/steam engines, so one of them might be next, if I don't find a suitable bike to paint. With winter coming on, finding bikes locally is going to be tricky.

  4. Steve your painting of bikes are awsome. They look so real they could be photos. 50 y.o.t