Friday, 30 September 2011

68 Bonnie update 2

Well, not got as much done as I'd hoped in this time, usual problems of life getting in the way and certain parts of the painting process not going to plan. I always seem to have a problem with greens, they look fine on the pallette but once they go on the canvas they end up too dark, too strong or both! I don't have a problem with any other colour, so perhaps its a form of colour blindness, although that wouldn't explain how I recognise them as being too strong on the canvas!

Anyway you'll see what I mean on this pic. The hill at the front is both too dark & too rich in the greens. (the dark bit at the very top is the shadow of the easel...)

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Monday, 26 September 2011

68 Bonnie update 1

Now just about finished with the undercoating, I dillydallied for a couple of days as I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted just mountains or a lakeside town & boats as well. I decided to keep it simple in the end and not have anything else distracting from the bike. The mountains themselves are based on ones myself and my beloved could see from our hotel window while on honeymoon at Lake Maggiore, Italy...

Anyway the real painting work starts now!

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

'68 Triumph T120 Bonneville

So here we go with the next work, one of the most iconic British bikes ever. Thanks to Bob of the Triumph Rat forum for the source photo below

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I'll be painting this pretty much as is as far as the bike & lake are concerned, but will be doing something more interesting with the far bank. The canvas board I'm using is in portrait aspect to give me room to add hills & sky.

I've started off in a different way to my usual methods of doing things in that I've decided to do the toning undercoats all  at once, instead of doing a bit of that then doing a bit of detail work. I'm looking for ways of speeding up my paintings, we'll have to wait & see how this works out. I'm about halfway through this first stage. Note: In the pic below I've cropped the top, the canvas is about half as tall again.

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